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Menstrual Dignity

The reality of menstrual poverty is little known, but it impacts thousands of women and girls, leading them to use inappropriate materials, such as newspaper sheets, plastic bags, socks or old cloths to absorb menstrual blood, putting their health and well-being at risk. -be.


At Instituto Amazonas, we are committed to addressing this issue and promoting menstrual dignity for all women. Menstrual poverty is a condition faced by countless women in situations of economic and social vulnerability, who do not have access to adequate bathrooms, basic sanitation and adequate menstrual products.


To address this issue, we have developed workshops and programs that aim to provide practical and sustainable solutions:

  • Manufacture of reusable pads: Through workshops, we teach young people and women how to produce their own reusable pads. In addition to ensuring a safe and hygienic method of menstrual care, this approach also promotes environmental sustainability and women's empowerment. We also encourage the production of these pads for income generation, allowing women to have an additional source of income.

  • Training of health monitors: Recognizing the importance of menstrual health education, we trained health monitors to act as multipliers in indigenous communities. These monitors are trained to provide information on female hygiene and health, addressing specific issues related to the menstrual cycle and providing practical guidance for self-care.


Our Menstrual Dignity programs aim to provide indigenous, riverine and young women with the resources and knowledge necessary to face menstrual poverty, guaranteeing them a healthy, dignified and embarrassing menstruation. We believe that all women deserve access to the right menstrual products and the information they need to take care of their menstrual health.

Objectives connected to this initiative:



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