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Currently, global climate change, resulting from the economic development model centered on the burning of fossil fuels, has been a matter of great concern.


In the Brazilian context, it is already possible to perceive significant changes in the hydrological cycle, manifesting themselves through more frequent droughts and rising temperatures.


The destruction of vegetation combined with the irresponsible use of water in urban life and agriculture has further aggravated this problem. It is essential to mobilize the population through educational programs and environmental awareness campaigns, encouraging the implementation of reforestation projects with a focus on native forests.


In this sense, the Instituto Amazonas strives to support the restoration process in various parts of the Amazon, promoting voluntary donations of seedlings of indigenous species, aiming at sustainable actions and the compensation of CO2 emissions. Revitalization activities encompass both the Amazon biome and forest and cerrado areas, as well as parks and green spaces.


With this initiative, the Instituto Amazonas wants to:

  • Strengthen knowledge, practices and environmental education among traditional peoples, indigenous peoples and family farmers.

  • Distribute seedlings of previously selected native species free of charge. Provide packages containing a mixture of 20 selected native species.

  • Expand access to healthy foods by harvesting native fruits. Contribute to the preservation of fauna through the expansion of reforested areas.

  • Absorb a part of CO2 emissions, contributing to the improvement of air quality. Reverse the environmental impacts resulting from human actions on nature.

Objectives connected to this initiative:



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