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In the Amazon, with the presence of the internet and the reduction in the cost of technological devices, a unique opportunity arises for traditional populations to have access to the economy and participate in online networks. However, these advances also bring with them new challenges, mainly affecting women and young people who do not have access to basic technologies and their innovations.


Digital Inclusion plays a key role in reducing social inequalities, allowing women and young people in the Amazon to have equal access to digital technologies and all the opportunities they provide.


At Instituto Amazonas, we have set clear goals to achieve this goal:


  • Community training space:We create community spaces dedicated to training and teaching, with the aim of promoting digital literacy among women and youth in the Amazon. These spaces provide a safe and welcoming environment where participants can learn essential skills, from basic device and application usage to understanding more advanced technology concepts.

  • Training in the use of technologies: We seek to train women and young people in the use of digital technologies, not only in educational areas and in the job market, but also as a space for citizenship and digital culture. Through training programs and workshops, we provide practical knowledge on how to make the most of digital tools, develop research skills, online communication and digital entrepreneurship.

  • Development of technological solutions: We recognize the importance of a theoretical-scientific-practical basis in the advancement of indigenous, riverside and youth communities in different sectors of activity. In this sense, we encourage the development of technological solutions that meet the specific needs of these communities. Through partnerships and research programs, we work to drive innovation and the development of technologies that can improve quality of life, promote sustainable development and drive economic progress in Amazonian communities.


We believe that Digital Inclusion is a catalyst for social transformation and the empowerment of women and young people in the Amazon. By providing technology access and training, we are opening doors to educational opportunities, professional growth and active participation in the digital society.

Objectives connected to this initiative:

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