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At Instituto Amazonas, we value and promote traditional cultivation as a practice that brings social, environmental and economic benefits. Through this project, we seek to rescue the ancestral knowledge of the use of plants, herbs and roots, strengthening family farming and preserving the environment.


Our actions are:

  • Cultivation workshops: We create workshops dedicated to teaching the cultivation of traditional plants from the Cerrado and the forest. These workshops offer practical knowledge on agricultural techniques adapted to the region, encouraging the use of indigenous seeds and sustainable management methods. In this way, we empower women and youth to grow their own traditional plants, preserving local agricultural diversity and strengthening food security.

  • Environmental awareness: We promote awareness among women and youth about the importance of preserving the environment. Through educational programs, we highlight the need to protect forests and cerrado areas, encouraging sustainable agricultural practices that conserve biodiversity and natural resources. We value the connection between people and nature, highlighting the importance of caring for the environment to ensure a healthy and balanced future.

  • Support for traditional gardens: We recognize the importance of traditional gardens as spaces for preserving ancestral knowledge and biodiversity. Our efforts are focused on supporting and strengthening these swiddens, providing technical guidance, access to resources and exchange of experiences. By valuing traditional cultivation practices, we contribute to the preservation of native plant varieties and the continuity of agricultural traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Connected to this initiative, our objectives are:

  • Promoting food security and the autonomy of communities through the traditional cultivation of nutritious plants adapted to the region.

  • Valuing the knowledge and traditional use of plants, herbs and roots, preserving the cultural diversity and intangible heritage of communities.

  • Stimulate income generation and sustainable economic development through the sale of traditionally grown products.

  • We believe that traditional cultivation is a powerful tool to strengthen indigenous, riverside and young communities, providing them with means of subsistence, promoting the preservation of culture and contributing to the sustainability of the Amazon ecosystem.


At Instituto Amazonas, we believe that food security is essential for the sustainability and development of communities in the Amazon. By working together with communities, we seek to strengthen their traditional practices, promote the responsible use of natural resources and ensure that everyone has access to healthy and culturally relevant food.


Objectives connected to this initiative:



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