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At Instituto Amazonas, we recognize sport as a powerful tool that brings physical, psychological and social benefits to its practitioners. In addition, we understand that sport is an essential mechanism to expand universal rights and provide social protection to young people and indigenous women.


Through sport, we use leisure time to develop fundamental values ​​in individuals, which can be the key to social transformation. Within the villages, football is the most practiced modern sport, often with exclusive spaces for its practice.


In addition to promoting interaction between indigenous people of different ethnicities and other communities, sport shows the strength of indigenous tradition in adapting to new realities and uniting their culture with sports.


In pursuit of our goals, we act in different ways:

  • Healthy lifestyle and social inclusion: We use sport as a tool to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and promote social inclusion. By providing sports activities that are accessible to all, we encourage the active participation of communities and promote integration among participants, regardless of their cultural or ethnic origins.

  • Combating sedentary lifestyle and obesity: Through sport, we seek to prevent sedentary lifestyle and obesity, fostering a culture of physical activity and well-being in communities. The regular practice of sports can reduce anxiety and contribute to the improvement of community well-being, strengthening the body and mind of participants.

  • Collective and individual experiences: We provide collective and individual experiences of learning, competition and cooperation through sport. In addition to learning to work as a team and value cooperation, participants have the opportunity to develop their individual skills, which contributes to personal and professional growth.

  • Sponsorship search: We work tirelessly to seek sponsorship and resources that enable the acquisition of uniforms and equipment for sporting tournaments. We believe that sport is a way to strengthen communities, and for that, it is essential to ensure that participants have access to the necessary resources to practice quality sports.


Objectives connected to this initiative:

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